Solar Maintenance Packages  – As with all solar panel systems a 10-year warranty is provided by the specific solar panel provider, however, this does not include maintenance of the system, and to keep your warranty alive, regular maintenance is a must and it’s also good practice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar panel system. We recommend a system should have a maintenance check, annually.

As solar panels have no moving parts, a small amount of servicing and maintenance is required, to keep your solar panels generating efficiently. We recommend an annual service to ensure your system is kept in full working order and any fault or drop in the energy generation level is flagged immediately and resolved. Unlike other solar maintenance providers, we check the solar battery, to also ensure it’s performing as it should.

Solar panel maintenance checklist

  • Get your panels serviced
  • Clean your solar panels
  • Remove potential dangers
  • Keep solar panels out of the shade
  • Make sure the inverters are flashing green
  • Check the day-to-day performance

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