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air-source-heat-pumpsAt Solares Energies, we take immense pride in being the number one provider of Air Source Heat Pumps in the picturesque region of southern Spain. If you’re looking for the best heat pump suppliers and installers, look no further! With our strategically located offices in Marbella, Malaga, and Pueblo Nuevo, near Sotogrande, Cadiz, we are perfectly positioned to cater to your heating and cooling needs with utmost precision and dedication.

Why Choose Solares Energies?

Unrivalled Expertise: With years of industry experience and a team of seasoned professionals, Solares Energies brings unmatched expertise to the world of Air Source Heat Pumps. We understand the unique climate and energy requirements of southern Spain like no other.

Exceptional Service: Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just words. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service experience, every single time. From consultation to installation and ongoing support, we are here for you at every step of the way.

Cutting-Edge Solutions: Solares Energies is at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our Air Source Heat Pump solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Environmental Stewardship: We firmly believe in responsible energy usage. By choosing Solares Energies, you are not only investing in your comfort but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

At Solares Energies, your comfort is our top priority. We understand that a well-regulated indoor climate is essential for a quality lifestyle, and we are here to make that a reality for you. Our Air Source Heat Pump Systems are not just heating and cooling systems; they are a promise of a more comfortable and energy-efficient life in southern Spain.

air-heat-pump-system We SUPPLY Air Heat Pumps  air-heat-pump-system We INSTALL Air Heat Pumps  air-heat-pump-systemWe MAINTAIN Air Heat Pump

Explore our website to learn more about the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps, browse our range of solutions, and get in touch with our expert team for personalised guidance. Together, we can transform your property into a haven of comfort and sustainability.

Want is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Heat Pump

Experience the epitome of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness for your home’s temperature control in the beautiful region of Southern Spain. Solares Energies is your premier provider of air source heat pumps, perfectly positioned with offices in Marbella, Malaga, and Sotogrande, Cadiz. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, every time.

So, What’s an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps Marbella: An air source heat pump is your gateway to efficient and eco-friendly home heating and cooling, perfectly suited for the unique climate of Southern Spain. These cutting-edge systems harness the power of nature to provide exceptional comfort while significantly reducing energy consumption. Allow us to guide you through the essential aspects of air source heat pumps in the context of Southern Spain.

When installed correctly, an air source heat pump can provide up to three times more heat energy to your Southern Spain home than the electrical energy it consumes. This remarkable efficiency is achieved by tapping into the region’s abundant natural warmth, eliminating the need for traditional fuel-based heating systems. Not only does this approach conserve energy, but it also aligns perfectly with our commitment to eco-friendliness.

Our air source heat pumps operate seamlessly by transferring heat from the surrounding air. The refrigeration system, comprising a compressor and two coils, efficiently converts outdoor warmth into indoor comfort. Recent advancements in technology ensure precision control, variable-speed blowers, improved coil design, and enhanced motor efficiency.

Solares Energies is your trusted partner for air source heat pumps in Southern Spain. Explore our range of solutions and embark on a journey toward energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and unparalleled home comfort. Transform your Southern Spain residence with the power of air source heat pumps – your gateway to efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

Cost of an Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps Costa del Sol: As the transition to renewable energy sources gains momentum, air-source heat pumps have emerged as a sustainable alternative to traditional gas and oil boilers, perfectly suited to the climate of Southern Spain. The government recognises the potential of these systems and encourages homeowners to embrace them with enticing subsidies. With a looming ban on gas boilers, it’s essential to explore the best alternative on the market, especially while enjoying government discounts.

Understanding Heat Pump Costs

The cost of heat pumps can vary based on property size, heat pump size, and specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the typical estimated costs for different scenarios in Southern Spain:

  • Two-bedroom Property: Air source heat pump – €8,000
  • Three-bedroom Property: Air source heat pump – €12,000
  • Four-bedroom Property: Air source heat pump – €12,000
  • Five-bedroom Property: Air source heat pump – €15,000

Considering that an air source heat pump can save you approximately €4,891 more than a gas boiler over 20 years in Southern Spain, opting for this eco-friendly solution is an economically sound choice.

Air Heat Pump Running Costs

The running costs of a ground source heat pump for a three-bedroom household in Southern Spain typically amount to approximately €1,048 per year. While air source heat pump running costs are comparable, they can vary based on your location.

It’s worth noting that gas prices are expected to rise as the region shifts away from fossil fuels, potentially making heat pumps even more cost-effective.

The Spanish government offers various grants and schemes to further incentivise the adoption of heat pumps in Southern Spain, making it a financially attractive choice for homeowners.

Save with Solar

It is also worth thinking about investing in a solar panel system, as this can save on running costs by powering your new air heat pump through the day and evening if you include a solar battery with your solar panel system.

Maintenance and Beyond

To ensure your heat pump’s longevity, professional servicing every two to three years is essential, costing around €150 per session. Regular maintenance checks can help you save money in the long run by keeping your system efficient. Also, consider investing in a heat pump cover for the outdoor unit to protect it from extreme weather conditions and sea spray.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Air Source Heat Pump


Heat Pump Systems: The Heat Pump manufacturers are renowned for the durability and low maintenance requirements of their Air Source Heat Pumps. These systems are meticulously engineered to endure the test of time and the elements, ensuring long-term performance with minimal upkeep. We offer a diverse range of models and configurations to suit various needs and preferences, ensuring our systems seamlessly integrate into any property.

When you choose a Solares Energies Air Source Heat Pump, you’re not just selecting an environmentally friendly solution; you’re selecting a solution tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your existing heating system or install a new one, our expert team is here to provide you with a sustainable, efficient, and dependable solution.

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of investing in an Air Source Heat Pump:

Advantages: Air Source Heat Pump

Disadvantages: Air Source Heat Pump

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Versatile Heating & Cooling: Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) can provide both heating and cooling functions, making them suitable for year-round comfort.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Energy Efficiency: ASHPs have a high energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using less energy, and lowering heating and cooling costs.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Electric Operation: They operate solely on electricity, eliminating the need for traditional heating fuels like gas or oil.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Integration with Renewable Energy: ASHPs can be combined with solar panels, making them a green energy source.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Incentives and Rebates: Many regions offer incentives, rebates, tax credits, and discounts for installing ASHPs, promoting their adoption.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Domestic Hot Water: Air-to-water ASHPs can provide hot water in addition to space heating, eliminating the need for a separate hot water system.

air-source-heat-pumps-malaga Operation in Cold Temperatures: ASHPs can function effectively even in very low temperatures, making them suitable for various climates.

air-source-heat-pumps-marbella Longevity: With proper maintenance, ASHPs can last up to 20 years, providing long-term benefits.

air-source-heat-pumps-marbella Minimal Maintenance: Routine servicing and cleaning are typically the only maintenance required for ASHPs.

air-source-heat-pumps-marbella Quiet Operation: ASHPs are silent when not in use and produce noise levels comparable to air conditioning units when operational.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Installation Location: They require outdoor installation space, and the location must consider factors like proximity to the house, wind, sun, airflow, and neighbours.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Purchase and Installation Costs: ASHP units can be expensive to purchase and install, with potential additional costs for upgrading existing heating systems.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Lower Heat Output: ASHPs may provide heat at lower temperatures compared to traditional systems, requiring longer run times to achieve desired indoor temperatures.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Noise: ASHPs can be relatively noisy when operating, especially when demand for heating, cooling, or hot water is high.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Unsuitable for Extreme Climates: In extreme climates, ASHPs may require a backup heating source to ensure consistent operation.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Efficiency in Low Temperatures: Efficiency can decrease in very cold temperatures, impacting performance and heating output.

air-source-heat-pumps-sotogrande Dependency on Electricity: ASHPs rely on electricity, rendering them ineffective during power outages.

Abundant Advantages: Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps stand as a testament to unparalleled energy efficiency and environmental sustainability when it comes to controlling indoor temperatures in homes. These systems harness the dependable and consistent temperatures of natural air sources to offer efficient heating and cooling solutions, guaranteeing comfortable indoor environments.

Renewable Energy Products & Services

air-source-heat-pumpsSolares Energies has a full range of renewable energy products available for the home or business. If you would like to learn more please navigate to our “Renewable Energy Products and Services Page” or complete the “GET A QUOTE” enquiry form at the top of this page and an experienced engineer will call you back, at a time best suited to you. 

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Air Source Heat Pump Supplier And Installer in Malaga, Spain

Sadly many companies throughout Spain are not qualified or experienced in, supplying and installing an Air Source Heat Pump. Solares Energies has a wealth of knowledge and experience in supplying, installing and maintaining air heat pumps. We have a dedicated team of electrical engineers based around the Costa del Sol area, covering the whole of Malaga, including Marbella, Estepona, Benalmadena and Manilva.

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