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biomass-boilersExperience Excellence in Sustainable Heating Solutions: At Solares Energies, we specialise in transforming your living and working environments with our state-of-the-art Biomass Boilers and Wood Burning Stoves. As the leading supplier in Southern Spain, we pride ourselves on delivering products that embody efficiency, sustainability, and unparalleled quality.
Why Choose Solares Energies?

Our seasoned team, with its extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We are not just selling a product; we are offering a comprehensive heating solution tailored to your unique needs.
Innovative and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Dive into the world of eco-friendly heating with our advanced Biomass Boilers and elegantly designed Wood Burning Stoves. Our products are a testament to our commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing effective and reliable heating solutions.

wood-burning-stoves Customised for Your Comfort: Understanding that each space is unique, we offer personalised consultations to identify the most suitable heating solutions for your home or business. Whether you need the robust efficiency of our biomass boilers or the rustic charm of our wood-burning stoves, we have the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

wood-burning-stoves Professional Installation: Our professional installation team is renowned for its precision and attention to detail. We ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation process, leaving you with a heating system that not only looks great but also performs flawlessly.

wood-burning-stoves Dedicated Customer Service: At Solares Energies, your satisfaction is our priority. From the initial consultation to after-sales support, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless experience at every step of your journey with us.

wood-burning-stoves Elevate Your Space with Solares Energies: Step into a world where warmth meets elegance, and efficiency meets sustainability. With Solares Energies, you’re choosing more than just a heating solution; you’re embracing a lifestyle of comfort and eco-conscious living. Our Biomass Boilers and Wood Burning Stoves are not just products; they are investments in a greener, more sustainable future.

Solares Energies | #1 for Biomass Boilers & Wood Burning Stoves

Discover the perfect blend of luxury, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. For a professional consultation and to learn more about our range of products, contact Solares Energies – where excellence in eco-friendly heating solutions is just the beginning.

What is a Biomass Boiler?

A biomass boiler, offered by Solares Energies, the #1 biomass boiler supplier and installer in Spain, is an innovative and eco-friendly heating solution. These boilers operate by burning sustainable and renewable fuels like wood, wood chips, pellets, or logs, effectively converting them into heat and energy. This renewable heating system aligns seamlessly with your current home setup, making the transition from traditional fossil fuel heating to a greener alternative both smooth and efficient.

How Biomass Boilers Work

Fuel Burning: Biomass boilers operate by burning natural fuels – typically wood pellets, logs, or wood chips.
Heat Generation: The combustion of these materials generates heat, which is then used to heat water in a system similar to conventional gas boilers.
Fuel Feeding: These boilers can be either manually fed or equipped with an automated system, depending on your preference and budget.
Maintenance: While requiring minimal upkeep, regular maintenance and ash removal are necessary to ensure optimal functioning.
Versatility: Biomass boilers can also provide hot water, much like traditional boilers.

One of the biggest selling points of a Biomass boiler is its ease of use. You are going back to basics burning a sustainable/renewable fuel to generate heat and energy.  This renewable heating system works much like the existing boiler in your home, making the switch from traditional fossil fuel heating to a greener solution much easier. This renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly boiler utilises wood, wood chips, pellets, or logs, to generate heat.

Biomass boiler heaters work by burning the natural fuel that is intended for your specific system, whether that be wood pellets, logs, or wood chips, creating heat that can be utilised as a part of a heating system or for one localised area. For the boiler to continue operating it will need to be fed fuel, this can be automated or done manually depending on your preference and budget.

Your biomass heating system will require little maintenance to function, however, the ash that is built up from burning fuel will need to be removed occasionally, and regular biomass boiler servicing or maintenance wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Additional Heating Solutions by Solares Energies

Electric Boilers and Energy-Efficient Combi Boilers: For those seeking alternative energy-efficient heating solutions, Solares Energies also offers a range of electric and combi boilers, designed to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Solares Energies is committed to delivering professional, experienced service with every installation. Our professional team ensures that every biomass boiler system is installed with precision and care, guaranteeing not just a product, but a sustainable, long-term heating solution for your home.

What is a Wood Burning Stove?

A Wood Burning Stove, also known as a Wood Burner or Log Burner, is an efficient home heating appliance widely acknowledged for its capacity to effectively warm spaces using wood as fuel. Offered by Solares Energies, the leading supplier and installer in Spain, these stoves are designed with a blend of modern efficiency and traditional charm. Constructed primarily from robust materials like cast iron or steel, wood-burning stoves generate heat through the combustion of wood fuel in a contained fire chamber.

Key Features and Benefits of Wood-Burning Stoves

Effective Heating: Wood burners are celebrated for their significant heat output. Their ability to warm up rooms quickly and efficiently makes them a desirable choice for many homeowners.

Versatile Placement: These stoves can be installed in various rooms of a house, requiring a chimney or flue to safely vent fumes and gases.

Energy Efficiency: Compared to open fireplaces, wood burners are substantially more efficient. They convert a higher percentage of wood fuel into usable heat, reducing waste and fuel costs.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their functional purpose, wood burners add an element of aesthetic charm to any room. They serve as a stylish focal point, enhancing the overall décor.

Ambience: The visual appeal of flickering flames and the cosy atmosphere created by a wood burner make it an ideal addition for creating a homely and inviting space.

Fuel Cost Savings: With the rising cost of conventional heating methods, wood burners present a cost-effective alternative. They can significantly reduce heating bills, especially if you have access to affordable or free wood fuel.

Reliability: In situations like power outages, wood burners remain operational, providing a dependable source of heat.

Eco-Friendly Heating: When sourced sustainably, wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. The CO2 released during combustion is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the trees during growth, making wood burners an environmentally friendly heating option.

Understanding Wood Burning Stoves with Solares Energies:

Solares Energies ensures that each wood-burning stove installation is tailored to meet the specific needs of your home. Their range includes various sizes and styles, suitable for different room dimensions and aesthetic preferences. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Solares Energies also guides on selecting the appropriate fuel type – whether it be logs, wood chips, or pellets – ensuring optimal efficiency and performance of your wood burner.

In summary, a wood-burning stove from Solares Energies offers a blend of efficient heating, environmental responsibility, and a touch of timeless elegance, making it a smart and stylish addition to any modern or traditional home setting.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Biomass and Wood Burgers

Solares Energies, the #1 Biomass Boiler & Wood Burning Stove provider in Southern Spain

biomass-boilersBiomass boilers have become increasingly popular in various sectors due to their eco-friendly nature and efficiency in providing renewable heating solutions. Key areas of significance for biomass boilers include agricultural and forestry regions, where the primary fuel sources – wood chips, pellets, and agricultural waste – are abundant. These boilers are particularly prominent in rural communities, where they serve as an ideal heating solution due to the ready availability of biomass materials and space for installation.

Technological innovation hubs and manufacturing plants are instrumental in the development and production of these boilers. They play a crucial role in advancing technology and making it more accessible and efficient for wider use. Educational institutes, especially those focusing on renewable energy, also form a critical part of the biomass boiler landscape, contributing through research and development of more sustainable and efficient biomass solutions.

Wood-burning stoves, embodying a blend of tradition and modern efficiency, are predominantly found in rural and mountainous areas where wood is a readily available resource. These stoves are not just functional appliances for heating but also add aesthetic value, particularly in historic towns and cottage industry regions known for their handcrafted wood-burning stoves.

In areas like forest communities, where the connection to nature is strong, wood-burning stoves are a practical choice, aligning with the lifestyle and environmental ethos of the residents. Moreover, wood-burning stoves hold a special place in off-the-grid communities and winter resort towns, where they provide essential heating in a self-sufficient manner. The charm and utility of wood-burning stoves in these areas are unmatched, offering warmth and comfort in the colder months.

Please read the full list of Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Boilers and Wood Burning Stoves, below:

Advantages of Biomass & Wood Burners

Disadvantages of Biomass & Wood Burners

Biomass Boilers Advantages

biomass-boilers-spain Eco-Friendly: Utilises renewable resources like wood pellets, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
biomass-boilers-spain Carbon Neutral: The carbon released during combustion is offset by the carbon absorbed during the biomass growth cycle.
biomass-boilers-spain Energy Efficient: Modern designs ensure high efficiency, often better than traditional heating systems.
biomass-boilers-spain Cost-Effective: Reduces long-term energy costs, especially with stable biomass fuel prices.
biomass-boilers-spain Government Incentives: Often eligible for grants or incentives to offset installation costs.
biomass-boilers-malaga Local Economy Support: Creates demand for locally sourced biomass, supporting local businesses.

Wood Burning Stoves Advantages

biomass-boilers-malaga Ambient and Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a cosy and traditional feel to the living space.
biomass-boilers-malaga High Efficiency: More efficient than open fireplaces, with improved heat output.
biomass-boilers-malaga Reduced Heating Bills: This can reduce reliance on central heating, leading to lower energy bills.
biomass-boilers-malaga Sustainable Heating: Uses renewable resources like wood, reducing carbon footprint.
biomass-boilers-malaga Independence from Utilities: Less reliant on gas or electricity for heating.

Biomass Boilers Advantages

wood-burning-stoves-costa-del-sol Higher Initial Costs: Installation and setup can be more expensive than conventional heating systems.
wood-burning-stoves-costa-del-sol Space Requirements: Requires space for the boiler and additional storage for the biomass fuel.
wood-burning-stoves-costa-del-sol Regular Maintenance: Needs consistent maintenance, including fuel restocking and ash removal.
wood-burning-stoves-costa-del-sol Fuel Availability: Dependence on the availability of biomass fuel in the local area.
wood-burning-stoves-costa-del-sol Complex Installation: This may require modifications to existing heating systems and properties.

Wood Burning Stove Disadvantages

wood-burning-stoves-manilva Manual Operation: This requires manual fuel loading and ash cleaning, which can be labour-intensive.
wood-burning-stoves-manilva Space Consumption: Takes up physical space within a room, and requires safe installation with adequate clearance.
wood-burning-stoves-manilva Smoke and Particulates: Can emit smoke and particulates, requiring proper ventilation and flue systems.
wood-burning-stoves-manilva Regulatory Compliance: Must meet specific installation and emission standards.
wood-burning-stoves-manilva Irregular Heating: Primarily heats the room it’s located in, which may not be efficient for larger properties.

Renewable Energy Products & Services

heat pumpsSolares Energies has a full range of renewable energy products available for the home or business. If you would like to learn more please navigate to our “Renewable Energy Products and Services Page” or complete the “GET A QUOTE” enquiry form at the top of this page and an experienced engineer will call you back, at a time best suited to you. 

Biomass Boilers & Wood Burning Stoves (Log Burners)

Delve into the world of eco-friendly heating solutions with Solares Energies comprehensive FAQs on Biomass Boilers and Wood Burners. This resource is expertly crafted to provide in-depth insights into the functionality and benefits of biomass boilers, including the types of biofuel they utilise, their energy efficiency, and overall cost implications. Understand the different components that make these boilers a sustainable choice and how they fit into your energy-saving strategies.

Simultaneously, explore the rustic charm and practicality of wood burners. Our FAQs encompass essential details regarding their installation, operation, and maintenance. Learn how to choose the right type of wood for maximum efficiency and discover the unique features that make wood burners a preferred option for many. The guide also touches on critical aspects such as safety measures, environmental impact, and best practices for optimal performance.

If you’re considering a shift towards a more sustainable, energy-efficient heating solution for your home or business, Solares Energies FAQs offer a gateway to informed decision-making. Our detailed guide aims to address all your queries, helping you understand the intricacies of biomass and wood-based heating systems. And for any questions that go beyond our FAQs, Solares Energies’ team of dedicated experts is always on standby, ready to provide personalised assistance and professional advice to ensure you find the perfect heating solution tailored to your needs.

log-burnersWhat is a Biomass Stove?

A Biomass Stove, as offered by Solares Energies, the premier provider of eco-friendly heating solutions in Spain. A Biomass Stove is a wood-fuelled appliance, which uses renewable resources like logs, wood pellets, or chips to supply heat. This method not only offers an efficient way to warm a room or power central heating and hot water boilers but also aligns perfectly with the modern ethos of sustainability and green energy.

Understanding Biomass Stoves
Core Functionality

Biomass stoves work by combusting natural organic materials such as wood chips, agricultural residue, and wood pellets.
They are designed to be more efficient and emit fewer pollutants compared to traditional stoves, making them a pivotal choice in reducing global warming impacts.

Types of Biomass Stoves

Wood Stoves: Utilise renewable wood logs or chips. Modern designs are focused on eco-conscious heating, reducing smoke and emissions.
Pellet Stoves: Known for their convenience, they use compressed sawdust or wood shavings and automate pellet feeding and temperature control.
Rocket Stoves: Characterised by their fuel efficiency and low emissions, rocket stoves use a variety of biomass materials and offer high-temperature combustion with minimal smoke.
Gasifier Stoves: These stoves operate on the gasification principle for a cleaner and more efficient burn, using diverse biomass fuels.

Benefits of Choosing a Biomass Stove from Solares Energies

Eco-Friendly Heating: By utilising sustainable fuel sources like wood pellets, these stoves are carbon-neutral, significantly reducing environmental impact.
Efficient and Cost-Effective: Biomass stoves offer an efficient heating solution and can lower overall heating costs due to their use of renewable resources.
Climate Change Combatants: These stoves play a crucial role in reducing emissions and diversifying energy resources, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Maintenance and Safety

Regular Maintenance: For optimal performance, regular cleaning of the combustion area and flue is essential.
Safe Operation: Understanding the correct operation and adhering to safety measures ensures a safe and efficient heating experience.

At Solares Energies, we believe that Biomass Stoves are more than just heating appliances; they are a testament to our commitment to sustainable living and environmental stewardship. By choosing a Biomass Stove, you’re not only ensuring efficient and cost-effective heating for your home but also contributing positively to the environment. Our range of Biomass Stoves is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, offering a perfect blend of traditional warmth and modern, eco-friendly technology.

log-burnersWhat fuel does a Wood-Burning Stove use?

At Solares Energies, we understand the importance of using the right fuel for your Wood-Burning Stove to ensure efficiency, safety, and the best heating experience. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about the fuel for wood burners:

Ideal Fuel for Wood-Burning Stoves
Hardwoods for Optimal Performance

Preferred Choices: Hardwoods such as oak, ash, beech, birch, and maple are top choices for wood burners. Their density allows them to burn longer and produce more heat compared to softer woods.
Ash: Known for low smoke emission, good flames, and high heat output. It’s recommended to use ash that’s been logged, split, and stored dry for at least a year.
Beech: Offers a good heat output with bright flames and a pleasant aroma, needing about 2-3 years to season properly.
Oak: Ideal for prolonged burns, oak logs maintain the fire over extended periods, though at lower temperatures than Ash or Birch. Seasoning oak may take 3-5 years.

Other Suitable Woods

Woods like Elm, Yew, Hawthorn, Birch, Apple, Cherry, and Hornbeam burn well but may not be as readily available.

Woods to Avoid

Inappropriate Choices: Avoid burning woods like Alder, Chestnut, Cypress, Laburnum (due to poisonous sap), Spruce, Douglas Fir, Pine, Larch, Poplar, and Willow in your stove.
Treated or Painted Wood: Never use these as they can release toxic chemicals and produce excessive smoke.

Moisture Content and Storage

Dry and Seasoned Wood: The ideal moisture content for wood in log burners is around 20% or less. Burning wet or unseasoned wood can lead to poor combustion and dangerous creosote buildup.
Proper Storage: Store your wood in a dry, well-ventilated area. It should be stacked off the ground and covered on top to protect from rain or snow while allowing air circulation on the sides for proper drying.

Safety and Efficiency

Check for Chemical Treatment: Be cautious with wood pallets as some may be treated with chemicals. Look for marks or stamps indicating treatment before using them as fuel.
Kindling: Softwoods can be used as kindling for starting the fire but are not recommended for sustained burning.

At Solares Energies, we are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive guidance on using their Wood-Burning Stoves efficiently and safely. By choosing the right wood and following these guidelines, you can enjoy a warm, comfortable, and eco-friendly heating experience in your home.


What is a log burner?

A log burner, also known as a wood-burning stove, is a heating appliance capable of burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel, like wood pellets. It is designed to provide heat to an interior space and is often made from cast iron or steel. Log burners are popular for their efficiency, sustainability, and the cosy atmosphere they create, offering a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to fossil fuel heating systems.

The basic design of a log burner includes a closed fire chamber, air controls to regulate the combustion process, and a flue (chimney) through which exhaust gases are expelled. Modern log burners are engineered to maximise the amount of heat generated while minimising the amount of smoke and other emissions produced, adhering to strict environmental standards in many countries.

Log burners are chosen not only for their practicality in heating homes but also for their aesthetic appeal. The sight of a crackling fire adds a warm and inviting ambience to any room, making log burners a popular choice for homeowners looking to add both warmth and character to their living spaces.

Discover the ultimate heating solution with a log-burning stove from Soleares Energies. Not only do our stoves offer efficient home heating and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, but they also add a unique character and charm to your home.

Suitability: Is a Log Burning Stove Right for You?

Location Considerations: If you reside in urban areas within Málaga or Cádiz, it’s important to verify local regulations regarding smoke emissions. Soleares Energies provides a range of eco-friendly, efficient stoves that comply with Spanish environmental standards, ensuring you can enjoy the warmth of a wood stove regardless of your location.

Type of Property: In the diverse architecture of Málaga and Cádiz, from historic buildings to modern, airtight homes, our stoves come with options for direct air intake, ensuring efficient combustion without altering your home’s air quality.

Maintenance and Fuel Supply: Log-burning stoves require regular maintenance and a steady supply of wood. Our stoves are designed for ease of use and efficiency, and we can assist you in finding local, sustainable wood suppliers.

Types of Log Burning Stoves

Radiant Stoves: Ideal for traditional and rustic settings, these stoves radiate heat and create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for the varied architecture in Málaga and Cádiz.

Convection Stoves: Suited for modern, open-plan spaces, these stoves circulate warm air throughout the room, offering a more uniform heat distribution.

Multi-Fuel Stoves: Offering flexibility, these stoves can burn both wood and eco-friendly solid fuels, adapting to your available resources and preferences.

Costs: Investment and Running

The initial investment in a log-burning stove from Soleares Energies starts from €500, with high-end models and custom installations available. Operational costs vary based on wood supply and usage, but our energy-efficient designs ensure you get the most warmth for your investment.

Building Regulations in Spain

Compliance with Spanish building and environmental regulations is crucial. Soleares Energies ensures all installations meet local requirements in Málaga and Cádiz, providing peace of mind and hassle-free certification.

Specification: Choosing the Right Stove

Our experts at Soleares Energies will help you calculate the optimal heat output for your space, ensuring your new stove efficiently warms your home without overheating or underperforming.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Stove in Top Condition

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of your log-burning stove. Soleares Energies offers comprehensive service packages, including chimney sweeping and stove servicing, to keep your stove running smoothly.

Are Log Burning Stoves Allowed in Málaga and Cádiz?

Yes, with proper installation and adherence to local regulations, log-burning stoves are a fantastic heating option.

Can I Use Any Wood in My Stove?

For optimal performance and environmental responsibility, use only dry, seasoned wood or certified eco-friendly solid fuels.

log-burners-spainWhat fuel does a Biomass Boiler use?

For Solares Energies, the top supplier and installer of biomass boilers in Spain, understanding the fuel types for biomass boilers is essential for optimal use and efficiency. Biomass boilers use renewable energy sources, primarily generated from burning organic matter such as wood, plants, and even certain types of waste. This method of heating is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Types of Fuel Used in Biomass Boilers
Wood Pellets
  • Made from compressed waste wood, pellets are a dense form of biomass, making them efficient and compact.
  • They are typically used in automated systems, offering convenience similar to that of traditional gas or oil boilers.
  • Wood pellets are ideal for both residential and larger-scale applications.
Wood Chips
  • Ideal for heating larger buildings or groups of houses, wood chips are a cost-effective option.
  • They have a relatively low moisture content but should be used quickly to avoid degradation.
  • Automated systems can use uniform wood chips efficiently, though care must be taken in storage to prevent issues like ‘farmers lung’ from fungal spores.
  • Suitable for those with access to an abundant wood supply.
  • Logs need to be seasoned for at least a year to reduce moisture and ensure maximum burning efficiency.
  • While more labor-intensive than pellets and chips, logs can be a cheaper option if a local supply is available.
Non-Wood Biomass
  • Agricultural materials like straw, wheat husk, and certain types of industrial waste such as paper pulp can also be used in biomass boilers.
  • This type of fuel is dependent on the specific boiler and its compatibility with various materials.
Advantages of Biomass Boilers
  • Environmental Impact: Biomass boilers use carbon-neutral fuels, making them a greener alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Cost-Effective: Using biomass can lead to significant savings, particularly in comparison to electric heating systems.
  • Renewable and Sustainable: These systems utilise renewable resources, reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
Storage and Maintenance
  • Proper storage of biomass fuel is crucial. For example, wood chips should be stored dry and used relatively quickly, while logs need seasoning in a dry place.
  • Regular maintenance, including cleaning and checking fuel supplies, ensures the efficient and safe operation of the boiler.

At Solares Energies, we are committed to providing our clients with the best biomass boiler solutions tailored to their specific needs and preferences. We understand that transitioning to renewable energy sources is a significant step towards sustainability, and our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of this journey. Whether you’re looking for an automated pellet boiler for ease of use or a log-burning system for a more hands-on approach, Solares Energies has the expertise and range to meet your heating needs.

log-burners-spainWhat is a Biomass Boiler and how does it work?

A biomass boiler is a heating system that utilises organic materials, typically plant-based, as fuel to produce heat. These boilers operate on the principle of combustion, where the biomass fuel is burned in a central chamber, releasing heat. This heat is then transferred to water which circulates throughout your home or business, providing heat and hot water.

This system of using naturally sourced, renewable fuel offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional heating methods. The biomass boiler system is designed to be self-sustaining, with the ash produced by the combustion process often being used as a natural fertiliser, enhancing the overall sustainability of the system.

What is a Biomass Boiler?
Eco-Friendly Heating System
  • A Biomass Boiler is a heating system that uses plant-based materials, such as wood, pellets, or chips, as fuel. It stands as an eco-friendly solution, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a greener environment.
  • The system operates through combustion, where biomass fuel is burned in a central chamber. This process generates heat which is then efficiently transferred to water, circulating as a heat source throughout your home or business.
Sustainability Focus
  • The ash produced during combustion can often be repurposed as a natural fertiliser, highlighting the boiler’s sustainability.
  • This approach aligns with Solares Energies’ commitment to environmentally responsible heating solutions.
How Does a Biomass Boiler Work?
Combustion of Organic Fuels
  • Biomass boilers burn natural fuels like wood pellets, logs, or chips.
    The burning process generates heat, akin to traditional gas boilers but with renewable resources.
  • These systems can be manually fed or equipped with an automated system, fitting various preferences and budgets.
    Automated feeders ensure consistent fuel supply and efficient operation.
Integration and Maintenance
  • Designed for ease of use, biomass boilers integrate smoothly into existing heating setups.
  • Regular maintenance, including ash removal, is straightforward, ensuring long-term functionality.
  • Besides heating, these boilers can also provide hot water, similar to conventional boilers.
  • This versatility makes them an ideal choice for comprehensive home heating solutions.
Solares Energies | #1 for Biomass Boilers and Wood Burners

At Solares Energies, we are not just providing a heating product; we are offering a comprehensive, sustainable heating solution. Our professional installation team is dedicated to ensuring each biomass boiler system is installed with utmost precision and care, guaranteeing efficient and long-lasting performance. 

Solares Energies offers a range of electric and energy-efficient combi boilers, catering to diverse heating needs and preferences. With Solares Energies, you can be assured of professional, experienced service with every installation, as we are

biomass-pelletsWhat are the benefits of installing a Biomass Boiler?

Installing a biomass boiler, as provided by Solares Energies, brings several key benefits, making it a compelling choice for both residential and commercial heating needs. These benefits encompass environmental, financial, and efficiency aspects, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

Environmental Benefits
Renewable Energy Source
  • Biomass is a sustainable fuel, derived from organic materials like wood pellets, chips, or logs.
  • Its use significantly reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels.
Carbon Neutrality
  • Biomass is largely carbon-neutral. The carbon dioxide released during combustion is approximately equal to the amount absorbed by the plants during their growth cycle.
  • This balance contributes to a reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions, aiding in combating climate change.
Financial Advantages
Cost-Effectiveness Over Time
  • While the initial installation cost of a biomass boiler may be higher, the operational costs are often lower compared to traditional heating systems.
  • Biomass fuel prices tend to be less volatile than fossil fuels, offering more stable and predictable heating expenses.
Support for Local Economies

The demand for biomass fuels can stimulate local economies, creating jobs and supporting local businesses that produce and supply biomass materials.

Efficiency and Performance
High Efficiency
  • Modern biomass boilers are designed for high efficiency, often surpassing that of traditional fossil fuel boilers.
  • This means greater heat output with less fuel consumption, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
Consistent Warmth with Less Fuel

The efficiency of biomass boilers translates into achieving the desired warmth while using less fuel, further enhancing their cost-effectiveness.

Choosing a biomass boiler from Solares Energies not only aligns with environmental stewardship but also offers practical financial benefits and operational efficiency. This combination of sustainability, cost savings, and high performance makes biomass boilers a smart choice for those seeking an eco-friendly, reliable, and efficient heating solution.

biomass-pelletsHow efficient are biomass boilers compared to traditional heating systems?

Biomass boilers can be incredibly efficient, often exceeding the efficiency of traditional heating systems. Modern biomass boilers can reach efficiencies of 90% or higher, which is comparable to high-efficiency gas or oil boilers.

At Solares Energies, renowned for being the premier supplier and installer of biomass boilers in Spain, we recognise the growing need for efficient and sustainable heating solutions. Biomass boilers, central to our offering, are known for their efficiency and eco-friendliness compared to traditional heating systems.

How Efficient Are Biomass Boilers?
High Efficiency

Modern biomass boilers can achieve efficiencies of 90% or higher, rivalling and often exceeding the efficiency of high-efficiency gas or oil boilers.
This level of efficiency is attributed to the advanced design of these boilers and the quality of the biomass fuel used.

Factors Influencing Efficiency
Fuel Quality

The efficiency of a biomass boiler is heavily influenced by the type of biomass fuel used. Higher-quality fuels, like premium wood pellets or chips, contribute to higher efficiency levels.

Boiler Design

Contemporary biomass boiler designs enhance fuel combustion efficiency. This means more heat is extracted from the same amount of biomass fuel compared to older or less sophisticated models.

Environmental and Financial Benefits

Sustainable Heating: Biomass heating utilises sustainable fuels derived from organic materials like wood pellets, chips, or logs. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels.
Cost-Effective: While the upfront installation cost might be higher, biomass fuel costs are generally less volatile over time compared to fossil fuels. This makes biomass boilers a financially viable option in the long term.
Supporting Local Economies: By creating a demand for locally sourced biomass fuels, these heating systems bolster local economies and reduce transportation emissions.

Biomass Boilers in Operation

Fuel Feed System: Biomass boilers can have automated feeding systems for convenience, similar to traditional boilers. They can smoothly transition the fuel from the store to the combustion chamber.
Gasification Process: The combustion process involves gasification, where the fuel is ignited, producing gases that are then burnt off at high temperatures.
Heat Exchange: The heat generated is transferred to water through a heat exchanger, which is then distributed for heating and hot water purposes.
Buffer Tank Necessity: While some models require a buffer tank, others like the Windhager BioWIN range do not, offering flexibility based on the user’s requirements.

Biomass Boiler Suitability

Property Size and Climate Considerations: The size of the boiler required is contingent upon the size of the property and the local climate. Larger properties and cooler climates necessitate larger boilers for adequate heating.

Solares Energies | #1 for Wood Burning Stoves

At Solares Energies, our renewable energy experts offer a comprehensive assessment of the biomass heating solution best suited to your property. We understand the importance of balancing efficiency, environmental impact, and cost, and our selection of biomass boilers. Our team ensures that every installation is conducted with professional care and precision, guaranteeing a sustainable and efficient heating solution for your home.

wood-burnersWhat is the cost of installing a biomass boiler and what are the ongoing maintenance costs?

The cost of installing a biomass boiler can vary greatly depending on the size and type of the boiler, and whether any modifications are needed to your property to accommodate the boiler and fuel storage. In general, you can expect the cost of a biomass boiler itself to range from €5,000 to €20,000, with additional costs for installation.

Installing a biomass boiler, as offered by Solares Energies, involves initial costs and ongoing maintenance expenses that are essential for its efficient and long-lasting operation.

Installation Costs

Boiler Costs

The cost for the biomass boiler unit itself typically ranges between €5,000 and €20,000. This variation is due to factors like the boiler’s size, type, and the specific requirements it needs to meet.

Installation Expenses

Additional costs are associated with the installation process. These can include modifications to your property for accommodating the boiler and its fuel storage.
The overall installation cost can be influenced by factors such as the complexity of the installation, the need for any additional construction, and the boiler’s integration with existing heating systems.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs
Regular Cleaning and Servicing

Biomass boilers require regular cleaning of the boiler and the flue to ensure they remain efficient and safe.
Annual servicing by a professional is recommended to maintain optimal performance and longevity.
The maintenance cost can vary but typically involves a few hundred euros annually.

Fuel Costs

The primary ongoing expense for a biomass boiler is the cost of fuel, which generally includes wood pellets, chips, or logs.
Biomass fuel costs are often lower than fossil fuels but can vary based on the fuel type and its source.
The total fuel cost will also depend on the consumption rate, which is influenced by factors such as the boiler’s efficiency, the property’s insulation, and the local climate.

Financial Considerations

While the upfront cost of a biomass boiler is significant, it’s important to consider the long-term savings due to lower fuel costs and potential financial incentives or grants available in certain regions.
Biomass boilers can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional heating systems, especially when considering their sustainability and the long-term stability of biomass fuel prices.

At Solares Energies, we understand the importance of a well-informed investment in a biomass boiler. Our team offers comprehensive guidance on the costs and benefits, ensuring you have all the information needed to make a decision that suits your financial and environmental goals. We are committed to providing high-quality installations and services, ensuring that your transition to renewable energy is smooth, efficient, and beneficial in the long term.

wood-burnersHow much space do I need for a biomass boiler and fuel storage? 

Biomass boilers typically require more space than conventional boilers. This is because, in addition to the boiler itself, you need space to store the biomass fuel. The amount of space required will depend on the size of the boiler and the type of fuel.

Space for Biomass Boiler
Boiler Size

Domestic biomass boilers are generally larger than conventional boilers. They might be comparable in size to a standard cupboard or small wardrobe, but this can vary depending on the boiler’s capacity and design.

Installation Area

Adequate space is necessary around the boiler for safe operation and maintenance access. It’s important to factor in the additional room around the boiler unit.

Fuel Storage Space
Wood Pellets

Wood pellets, being denser and more compact, can be stored in a silo.
For an average household, a storage area of approximately 6-7 cubic meters is usually sufficient to hold a year’s supply of wood pellets.

Logs and Wood Chips

These types of fuel are bulkier and therefore require more storage space. You might need a dedicated storage shed or area, depending on the quantity of fuel you plan to keep on hand.

Planning and Consideration

When planning for a biomass boiler, assess the available space in your property to accommodate both the boiler and the fuel storage. Consider the frequency of fuel deliveries and the accessibility of the storage area for both delivery and ongoing use. The type of biomass fuel you choose will significantly influence the storage space required. It’s important to balance fuel type preference with available space and practicality.

At Solares Energies, we assist our clients in determining the most suitable biomass boiler and fuel storage solutions for their specific needs. Our team can guide the best boiler size and fuel type, considering both space availability and heating requirements. We ensure that your transition to a biomass heating system is as seamless and efficient as possible, aligning with your space constraints and heating needs.

wood-burners-spainCan I get any grants or incentives for installing a biomass boiler?

Yes, installing a biomass boiler can qualify for various grants and incentives, as many countries, including Spain, actively encourage the adoption of renewable energy solutions. These incentives are designed to make renewable heating systems like biomass boilers more financially accessible and appealing.

Types of Grants and Incentives

Installation Grants Some programs offer grants to cover a portion of the initial costs of purchasing and installing a biomass boiler.

  • Tax Credits: In certain regions, tax credits may be available for individuals and businesses that install renewable heating systems, providing significant savings on tax bills.
Regional and National Incentives
  • Spain offers a variety of incentives, both at the regional and national levels, to support the installation of renewable heating systems like biomass boilers.
  • These incentives can differ based on your location within Spain, so it’s important to research or consult with a local energy advisor for specific details.
Finding Relevant Incentives
  • Consult Local Energy Advisors: For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s advisable to speak with local energy advisors or consult government websites.
  • They can provide detailed information on eligibility, application processes, and the amount of financial support you can expect.
Solares Energies | #1 for Biomass Boilers and Wood Burning Stoves

At Solares Energies, we understand the importance of these incentives in making biomass boilers a viable option for our customers. Our team can assist you in identifying and applying for relevant grants and incentives, ensuring you benefit from any available financial support.

While the availability and specifics of grants and incentives can vary, they play a crucial role in making biomass boilers a more attractive and affordable option. Solares Energies is committed to guiding you through this process, enhancing the feasibility and appeal of switching to renewable heating solutions.

wood-burners-spainWhat is the lifespan of a biomass boiler?

The lifespan of a biomass boiler can vary greatly depending on the quality of the boiler, the type of fuel used, and how well the boiler is maintained. However, a well-maintained, high-quality biomass boiler can often last for 15-20 years or more.

Expected Lifespan
  • Typical Duration: A high-quality biomass boiler can be expected to last between 15 to 20 years, sometimes even longer. This duration is contingent on various factors, including the quality of the boiler, the type of biomass fuel used, and the maintenance practices employed.
Factors Influencing Lifespan
  • Boiler Quality: The construction and material quality of the boiler plays a significant role in its longevity. Boilers manufactured to high standards tend to have longer lifespans.
  • Type of Fuel Used: The choice of fuel impacts the wear and tear on the boiler. High-quality fuels, such as premium wood pellets or chips, are generally better for the longevity of the boiler.
Maintenance Practices
  • Regular and thorough maintenance is crucial. This includes cleaning the boiler, ensuring the flue is clear, and having professional servicing conducted annually.
  • Proper maintenance not only prolongs the life of the boiler but also ensures it operates at peak efficiency.
Maintenance Tips
  • Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the combustion chamber and other components of the boiler can prevent the buildup of ash and residues that could affect performance.
  • Professional Servicing: Annual checks and servicing by a qualified technician can identify and resolve any potential issues before they lead to major repairs or shorten the boiler’s lifespan.
  • Quality Fuel: Consistently using high-quality biomass fuels can reduce the likelihood of excessive wear and tear, maintaining the boiler’s condition over time.
Solares Energies | #1 for Biomass Boilers and Log Burners

At Solares Energies, we understand that a biomass boiler is a significant investment. Our commitment extends beyond installation, as we offer guidance on proper maintenance and fuel choices to ensure that your boiler remains efficient and operational over its full potential lifespan. We strive to provide not only high-quality biomass boilers but also the knowledge and support necessary to maintain them effectively, ensuring our customers enjoy sustainable heating for many years.

log-burners-marbellaHow environmentally friendly are biomass boilers?

Biomass boilers, offered by Solares Energies, represent an eco-friendly heating solution that aligns well with contemporary environmental concerns. Their sustainability and efficiency mark a significant improvement over traditional fossil-fuel-based heating systems.

Renewable and Sustainable Fuel

Carbon-Neutral Cycle: The biomass used as fuel in these boilers, such as wood pellets, chips, or agricultural residues, is a renewable resource. The carbon dioxide released during combustion is roughly equivalent to the amount absorbed by these materials during their growth, creating a carbon-neutral impact.

Waste Utilisation: Biomass often comes from waste products, like sawdust or agricultural residues, making efficient use of materials that might otherwise contribute to landfill waste.

Environmental Impact

Reduction in Greenhouse Gases: Compared to fossil fuel heating systems, biomass boilers significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This reduction is vital in the global effort to combat climate change.
Energy Efficiency: Modern biomass boilers are designed to burn biomass fuel efficiently. This high efficiency means that less fuel is required to produce the same amount of heat, further reducing their environmental impact.
Minimised Pollutants: Advanced combustion technology in these boilers ensures that the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere is minimised, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.


Biomass boilers present an excellent alternative for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable energy sources. By choosing a biomass boiler, users contribute positively to environmental sustainability. The efficiency and sustainability of biomass boilers make them an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners and businesses looking to transition to greener energy solutions.

Solares Energies is dedicated to providing eco-friendly heating solutions like biomass boilers, which offer a harmonious balance between environmental responsibility and efficient heating. By opting for a biomass boiler, you’re not only ensuring a reliable and effective heating solution but also taking a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

log-burners-marbellaWhat are Biomass Pellets?

Biomass wood pellets are biomass fuels. Biomass pellets are made from either wood residue (sawdust, shavings, and offcuts, which are by-products of wood processing), or from freshly cut timber especially felled to produce wood pellets.

This includes compressed biomass matter, usually attained by recycling by-products from the milling of lumber, construction, and agriculture, such as chips, shavings, and sawdust. Producing much less carbon than fossil fuels, wood pellets are considered a sustainable and renewable energy source.

They’re also more efficient than raw biomass due to the low moisture content and higher density. very high temperatures are used to dry the material and it is then compacted in a pelletizer. The naturally occurring organic binders (lignin) in the wood are being utilized in the process, meaning that no artificial additives are needed.

log-burners-esteponaDoes installing a Biomass Boiler or Wood Burning Stove add value to a property?

Yes, installing a biomass boiler or wood-burning stove can add value to a property. These features are increasingly sought-after for several reasons:

Energy Efficiency: Both biomass boilers and wood burning stoves are known for their energy efficiency. This can be a strong selling point, as prospective buyers are often looking for homes with lower running costs.

Eco-Friendly Appeal: As awareness about environmental issues grows, more homebuyers are looking for properties with sustainable features. Biomass boilers and wood-burning stoves use renewable resources, making them attractive to eco-conscious buyers.

Reduced Heating Bills: The potential for reduced heating bills with these installations can be a major draw for prospective homeowners. Over time, the savings on energy costs can be significant.

Aesthetic and Comfort Appeal: Wood-burning stoves, in particular, add a cosy and inviting feel to a home, which can be appealing to buyers looking for unique features or a more ‘homely’ feel.

Independence from Utility Prices: With energy prices fluctuating, having a biomass boiler or wood-burning stove can give homeowners a degree of independence from utility providers, which is an increasingly valuable attribute.

However, the extent to which value is added can depend on various factors, including the property’s location, the type of installation, and the preferences of potential buyers in the market. It’s always a good idea to consult with a real estate expert in your area to understand how such an installation might impact your property’s value.

log-burners-esteponaDoes Solares Energies support both Commercial and Residential customers?

Yes, Solares Energies caters to both commercial and residential customers. We provide a wide range of heating solutions, including biomass boilers, that are suitable for various settings, from individual homes to larger commercial establishments. Our expertise and product range are designed to meet the diverse needs of both sectors, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and eco-friendly heating solutions for all our clients.

Whether it’s a family home requiring a sustainable heating system or a business seeking an efficient and environmentally friendly solution, Solares Energies is equipped to deliver the best service and products to meet these varied requirements.

log-burners-sotograndeDo Solares Energies offer any other services?

Yes. Solares Energies is your trusted partner for a wide range of services that go beyond Biomass Boilers, Wood Burning Stoves & Log Burners. Our commitment to energy solutions extends to various areas of your home or business. We’re #1 for renewable energies in Spain.  Here’s a comprehensive list of the renewable energy products we offer:

Solar Panel Systems: Harness the power of renewable energy with our expert supply, installation, and maintenance services for solar panel systems. – Also see: Commercial Solar Panel Systems.

Solar Thermal Systems: Enjoy efficient water heating using solar energy with our installation and maintenance expertise in solar thermal systems.

Solar Batteries: Store excess energy generated by your solar panels for later use by taking advantage of our solar battery installation solutions.

Heat Pump Systems: Ensure energy-efficient heating and cooling with our heat pump installation and maintenance services, providing comfortable climate control.

Electric Vehicle Chargers: We offer both commercial and residential EV charging station installations, supporting eco-friendly transportation options.

Central Heating Systems: Keep your space warm during colder months with our central heating system installation and maintenance services.

Electric Boilers: We provide efficient hot water and heating solutions through electric boiler installation and servicing.

Double and Triple Glazing: Enhance energy efficiency and reduce noise with our double-glazing and triple-glazing window solutions.

uPVC Windows: Our services include the installation and replacement of energy-efficient windows and doors to improve comfort and sustainability.

Bi-Folding Doors: Enjoy the versatility and aesthetics of bi-folding doors with our installation services, adding a touch of elegance to your space. – Also see: uPVC & Composite Doors

Swimming Pool Heaters: Keep your pool comfortable year-round with our swimming pool heater installation and maintenance services.

Solares Energies is dedicated to providing comprehensive energy solutions that cater to your unique needs. Whether it’s solar power, efficient heating, or energy-efficient windows and doors, our experienced team is committed to ensuring the comfort and sustainability of your home or business in Malaga and Cadiz.

log-burners-sotograndeWhat regions of Spain does Solares Energies support?

At Solares Energies, we are pleased to extend our services to cover a wide range of areas in both Cadiz and Malaga, offering our expertise in supplying, installing, and maintaining frameless glass curtains and doors. Our strategically located offices in Pueblo Nuevo, near Sotogrande in Cadiz, and Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, provide us with ideal placement to serve the entire Southern Spain region.

Areas We Serve in Malaga:

Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Mijas, Torremolinos, Nerja, Sotogrande, Manilva, Antequera, Ronda, Velez-Malaga, Alhaurin de la Torre, Coin, Rincon de la Victoria, Alhaurin el Grande, Torrox, Pizarra, Archidona, Alora, Campillos, Villanueva de la Concepcion, Humilladero, Benahavis, Algatocin, Alfarnate, Algarrobo, Almargen, Almogia, Alozaina, Alpandeire, Archez, Ardales, Arenas, Arriate, Atajate, Benadalid, Benalauria, Benamargosa, Benamocarra, Benaojan, Benarraba, El Borge, El Burgo, Benamahoma, Carratraca, Cartajima, Canillas de Aceituno, Canillas de Albaida, Cañete la Real, El Chorro, Colmenar, Comares, Cutar, Cuevas Bajas, Cuevas del Becerro, Iznate, Jimera de Libar, Jubrique, Juzcar, Macharaviaya, Monda, Montejaque, Ojen, Periana, Sedella, Sierra de Yeguas, Teba, Tolox, Villanueva de Algaidas, Villanueva de Tapia, Villanueva del Rosario, Villanueva del Trabuco,  and Viñuela.

Areas We Serve in Cadiz:

Cadiz, Algeciras, Jerez de la Frontera, San Fernando, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chiclana de la Frontera, La Linea de la Concepcion, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Rota, Puerto Real, Los Barrios, Arcos de la Frontera, Ubrique, Vejer de la Frontera, Tarifa, Villamartin, Jimena de la Frontera, Medina-Sidonia, Conil de la Frontera, Chipiona, Bornos, Trebujena, Algodonales, Prado del Rey, Grazalema, Olvera, Zahara de la Sierra, Alcala de los Gazules, Castellar de la Frontera, Espera, Setenil de las Bodegas, Algar, Paterna de Rivera, San Jose del Valle, Villaluenga del Rosario, Benalup-Casas Viejas, Torre Alhaquime, Benaocaz, Torreperogil, and El Bosque.

If your location is within or near any of these regions, we are fully equipped and ready to offer our exceptional frameless glass solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and schedule a consultation.

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We supply, install and maintain solar panel systems and solar battery storage.

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We supply, install and maintain underfloor heating and cooling systems.

We supply, install and maintain uPVC windows and doors as well as double-glazing and composite doors.

User solar thermal as a renewable resource to heat up your household water supply.

Electric vehicle chargers supplied, installed and maintained by Solares Energies.

We supply, install and maintain heat pump systems. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Air conditioning systems supplied, installed and maintained by Solares Energies.

Biomass Boiler Systems and Stove Supplier And Installers in Spain

Sadly many companies throughout Spain are not qualified or experienced in, supplying and installing a Biomass Boiler System. Solares Energies has a wealth of knowledge and experience in supplying, installing and maintaining boiler systems. We have a dedicated team of electricians, gas fitters, plumbers and heating engineers based around the Costa del Sol area, covering the whole of Malaga, including Marbella, Estepona, Benalmadena and Manilva.

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