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Find a Builder – Solares Energies offer all aspects of quality builders and building engineers. We offer reliable, trustworthy emergency builders, covering the Costa Del Sol and the surrounding areas.  We are experienced, professional building contractors with over 15 year’s experience.

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What is a Builder?

A builder oversees the entire process of construction projects. They supervise, coordinate and work on building, excavating, demolishing and renovating homes and commercial or industrial buildings. Some further specialise in their work, such as focusing on custom homes, green homes, housing developments or specific styles of homes. They have a broad knowledge of all aspects of construction so they can:

  • Arrange and communicate with subcontractors
  • Assess job sites
  • Get permits
  • Plan and manage the building process
  • Provide cost estimates
  • Read and interpret plans

Builders may work for firms, but they’re often self-employed. If they work for a firm, the firm’s size may affect the types of projects that they do. However, if they’re self-employed, builders are responsible for coordinating all subcontractors, ensuring the safety of their team, sourcing all materials and completing on-site clean-up.

What does a Builder do?

The main responsibilities of a builder may include:

  • Address problems that may occur
  • Complete building work as needed
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Coordinate land surveying to prepare for a project
  • Ensure building plans satisfy client specifications and code requirements
  • Follow up with local authorities or councils to ensure they issue building permits
  • Interpret architectural drawings and building plans
  • Manage the project budget
  • Organise contractors to work on the project, such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters
  • Oversee the purchase and delivery of building materials
  • Prepare project quotes and timelines for clients to review
  • Schedule the building process for each project
  • Submit project plans to local authorities for review and approval
  • Supervise the entire construction crew, including hired contractors
  • Update clients about the project process and receive their input when required
  • Work with building inspectors during the process to ensure projects meet requirements

What is a building contractor?

To make things straight, a building contractor is not a builder. The builder (without the term ‘contractor’) is the one responsible for the facilitation of the home or building construction. A builder builds and sets the foundation of the home, its framing and roofing.

However, a ‘building contractor’ handles a more complicated process to be able to accomplish the building project which covers different aspects of construction.

There are two types of building contractors; residential and commercial. For the residential building contractor, the tasks involve mainly overseeing the construction of residential homes, any type of residential home, whether row house, detached, etc.

On the other hand, commercial building contractors handle building projects in business establishments.

On a more specific note, a building contractor assumes all direct employment of the workers involved in the building project (e.g., residential house) and takes contracts relatively necessary in the construction work.

A building contractor handles either a residential or commercial construction project.

The roles and qualifications of a building contractor:

  • Solicits and finds bids from subcontractors to complete a job
  • Oversees construction
  • Handles paperwork (securing permits, following local or national guidelines)
  • Ensures building supply and materials are complete
  • Education in construction management is beneficial
  • Must have worked for years under a general contractor
  • Can handle old and new structures but not necessarily hands-on about plumbing, excavating, or rewiring
  • Check structural integrity and adheres to quality assurance
  • Supervises employees to ensure that the project plan is met promptly
  • Hires or fires workers, handle payroll and directly pays the people who worked on the project
  • Outlines the construction budget on work on that as closely as possible
  • Checking the construction is doing good and that all aspects of the building have been followed according to plan, if not, he ensures that any necessary changes must be applied
  • Handles emergency issues

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Building Company – Sadly many builders throughout Spain are not qualified or experienced in or qualified in offering builder or construction services. If you’re looking for professional, reliable and skilled builders, then Solares Energies is here to help.

We collate information on local tradespeople to undertake improvement projects.

Solares Energies has thousands of tradespeople available

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Find a local builder near me  – We have a dedicated team of builders based around the Costa del Sol area, covering the whole of Malaga, including Marbella, Estepona, Benalmadena and Manilva.
Contact us today, by using the contact form at the top of the page and we’ll get 3 tradespeople to contact you and quote for your improvement project. If you’re looking for a local tradesperson, look no further than Solares Energies.
We collected information, including reviews on thousands of tradespeople to ensure all the tradespeople we recommend are trustworthy, reliable and professionals in their field. Based on the Costa Del Sol, in Spain, we cover all areas, including Marbella, Estepona, Benalmadena, Manila and Torremolinos.
Solares Energies recognises and endorse trusted, reliable and professional tradesmen and tradeswomen. We have been helping consumers for years to find the best tradespeople to work on their behalf to complete home improvement projects.
We only recommend trusted tradespeople,  giving our customers confidence.
We operate all over the Costa Del Sol, in Spain. Every tradesperson that applies with us, is assessed and investigated, before being recommended by Solares Energie

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