The Importance of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Restaurants: A Guide by Solares Energies


In today’s competitive restaurant industry, providing an exceptional dining experience goes beyond just offering delicious food. The overall ambiance, including temperature, ventilation, and air quality, plays … Read More


Taking the Heat in Mijas with Air Conditioning Solutions from Solares Energies

As the sun blazes down on the picturesque landscapes of Mijas, the need for reliable and efficient air conditioning systems becomes a paramount concern for both residents and … Read More


Thinking About Going Solar: Questions Asked by Our Customers on the Costa del Sol

In the sun-drenched Costa del Sol, Solares Energies stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability in solar and renewable energy solutions. Leveraging over two … Read More


The Overlooked Environmental Toll of Smoking in Spain

Insights and Actions for a Greener Tomorrow – While the health ramifications of smoking are widely acknowledged, the environmental repercussions are equally distressing yet less recognized. The lifecycle of tobacco products—from cultivation … Read More


The Best Solar Inverters & Solar Batteries in 2024

best-solar-invertersAs the renewable energy sector continues its rapid evolution, the adoption of solar power by eco-conscious homeowners and enthusiasts is on the rise. A critical yet often understated component of solar … Read More

renewable energies

Home Renewable Energy: Futureproofing Your Home with Solar Power

Futureproofing your home

Futureproofing Your Home with Solar Power – Solar power has evolved over the years from a curious scientific marvel into a tangible solution for powering our daily lives. As concern over … Read More

wind turbine farm

The Quest for 200,000 Offshore Wind Turbines by 2050 – Researchers Hugo Putuhena, Fraser Sturt, and Susan Gourvenec from the University of Southampton and the team at Solares Energies have outlined the substantial challenge of positioning up to 200,000 offshore … Read More

Are solar panels worth it

Are solar panels worth it?


  1. What Is the cost of solar PV panels?
  2. What are the labour costs of installing Solar PV Panels?
  3. What factors affect the initial outlay of solar PV panels?
  4. How much can you save with
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Solar Power Proves Its Worth as Heatwave Grips Europe

As Europe grapples with yet another scorching heatwave, the resilience of the region’s power grid is being put to the test. However, solar power has emerged as a key player in meeting the increased electricity demand and mitigating potential shortfalls. … Read More

home electric car chargers

Introduction to EV Charging Points

What are EV Car Chargers?

electric vehicle charging point installationElectric vehicles, often referred to as Electric Cars, are revolutionising the way we think about transport. Operating on electric batteries rather than traditional internal combustion engines, EVs are at the … Read More

Malaga Energies Renewable Energies

Málaga Airport and Solares Energies Partner Up for a Renewable Future 

In a major stride towards renewable energy, Málaga Airport has partnered with Solares Energies, a leading renewable energy company, to transform its operational infrastructure. Through this partnership, the … Read More

heat pumps malaga

Spain, like many nations worldwide, is actively pursuing stringent measures to combat climate change, with a defined target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. This journey necessitates a significant paradigm shift from conventional heating methodologies that primarily depend on fossil … Read More

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